outdoor kitchen custom luxury featuresIf you are custom building your new home, make it something special. Think about what you have always wanted, and do not be afraid to go for it. Here are some fun ideas for house construction in Utah.

Giant Walk-in Closets
Closet space is always great to have. While you are building your closet, why not give yourself extra room? Think about everything you will be storing in that closet, clothes shoes, what about accessories? Will you need a place to hang hats, or bags? How about a shoe rack?

Home Theaters
Pass around the popcorn! Home theaters have taken movie night and added absolutely everything you could want without leaving the house. Custom building your own media room gives you the luxury of picking out your own comfy recliners and designing it just the way you want. You can build a snack bar and add in snack machines like commercial popcorn poppers and even soda stations for you and your family to enjoy.

Family Game Rooms
Every home needs a place to unwind and have fun. Why not build a specific room just for games? Pool, foosball or air hockey tables, arcade games, built in climbing walls, whatever you and your family enjoy doing the most, this can be the room dedicated to fun. Check out Utah home designs for creative ideas to add to your game room.

Outdoor Kitchens    
Great for family gatherings, outdoor parties or just a relaxing dinner outside, outdoor kitchens are a fun to add. Decide what features you will want for food preparation. A BBQ or an outdoor oven? What about a sink? Make sure to give yourself plenty of space for preparation and enjoying the food.

Now is the chance to add the best features to your future home. Simple additions like these can be a surprisingly affordable add-on. When considering Utah home construction, make sure to hire the professionals at Journey’s End Homes.