Home Build

Building a home is a complex process that takes careful planning. There are lots of unexpected things that can and will change your plans or cause delays, and increase costs. Here are a few ways you can streamline the process, stay organized, and get the most out of the experience.

Organization Tips for House Construction in Utah: 

Keep a Journal
Keep notes, write down questions, or anything important you need to keep track of on daily building activities. This can be just for your private use, or to share with others, but it is nice to have something to have on hand, whenever you need to write something down.

Have a Contact Email for the Project
Rather than using your private or business email, create an email account that anyone involved with or interested in the build project can use to communicate with you and your team. This can make it easier when you are looking for a specific email regarding a specific topic. Instead of searching through all of your personal emails for the right one, you will have all of your emails for the project in the same place.

Use Cloud Backups
If you are storing important digital documents locally, there is always the chance that your digital storage device will become damaged, get lost, or be stolen. For this reason, it is a good idea to back up all of your build-related documents in a cloud storage service.

Keep a Binder for Important Documents
Any documents you don’t have digital versions of should be well protected and organized. A simple binder with labeled tabs is a good solution. Often, physical documents are the most secure, so printing electronic records and keeping a hard copy, is a good backup method.

Track Expenses
Utah home construction requires a lot of materials and different kinds of expenses. You can use a spreadsheet or expense tool to keep all of that information in one place, which can be better than a binder full of invoices. An organized spreadsheet can help you keep track of the things you have paid for, the things you plan to pay for, and help you to stay on budget.

Have a Project CEO
This can be you, a friend, or family member, or it can be an outside professional. Whomever you choose, your Project CEO will be the go-to person to make unexpected decisions, guide the project, and deal with any emergencies.

Find the method that works best for your specific needs as you build your new home. To learn more about Utah home designs and get started on your new home project, contact Utah, Journey’s End Homes today.