Clean and organized garageWhen building a new home, the garage is often an afterthought. But this overlooked extension to your home should also be given careful thought. If you are considering house construction in Utah, here are seven tips for designing your garage.

1. Attached or Detached?
If you want a place to park your car and then be able to have the convenience of walking directly into your home, then an attached garage would be the better option. A detached garage offers more flexibility in terms of design. If you simply want to use it for storing vehicles, or if you are planning on building a garage apartment, then having it detached from the rest of the house may be the way to go.

2. How will You Use it?
Most people consider a garage simply as a place for storing the car, but it can also be used for many other things. Will the garage be used as a utility or workroom? Do you plan on using it for storage? If so, what do you plan on storing there, tools, automotive equipment, sporting goods?

3. Size Matters
Think about how you will use your garage, and then leave enough room for your cars, storage, work shop space, and any other activities you plan on using it for. Do you want to install shelves, or a work bench? How many vehicles will you be parking in the garage? You will also need space to move around and get things in and out of the car. Make sure you give yourself enough space.

4. Consider the Ceiling
The ceiling is often overlooked in garage design, but a higher ceiling gives you the option for extra storage space, or a loft. A higher ceiling will also make the garage feel less crowded and give you more room.

5. Choosing Doors
You may not think that the door is that important, but these giant doors have a big impact on the way your garage looks and functions. There are many options to consider in terms of style in Utah home construction. Not only do you need to think about how you want the door to open and close, but there are many different materials to choose from and each has it’s own pros and cons.

6. Insulation
Proper insulation is essential in any space, including the garage. Here in Utah with the extreme heat of the summer and freezing temperatures of the winter, you will want to make sure your garage is well insulated. It helps keep the room comfortable year-round and also reduces energy costs.

7. Flooring
Various flooring options are available for garages, including concrete, plastic/ vinyl tiles, or epoxy flooring. When it comes to house construction in Utah, there is no one size fits all, so it entirely depends on your preferences and needs. You want something durable and easy to clean and slip-resistant.

Custom-building your new home allows you to create a truly unique space that reflects your personal style. When it comes to the garage, don’t be afraid to get creative. A Utah house construction company like Journey’s End Homes can help you design and build the perfect garage for your needs.