Top Trends in Home Design

If you are embarking upon home design, the must-haves of the season can ensure that your home looks current and modern. This year is getting away from some trends that have been holding top spot for a while now. Move over granite countertops. Here are ten of the trendiest design features to customize your home.

    Gray has had its day. Now, warmer tones like taupe and even bright, bold colors are becoming a design preference.
    Homes that are designed with energy conservation in mind are in high demand.
    Quartz and concrete are two of the modern new materials that provide style and durability.
    A beautiful choice is to have appliances, closet doors, or even bathroom entries, blend into the other cabinetry in the room.
    A large closet is often a requirement for home buyers today. The trend that’s taking it to the next level is built-in organization in the closet.
    People want to have spaces to connect with other people in their homes. Big kitchens with large islands are examples of communal spaces in the home.
    There has been a move to naturally renewable surfaces. Cork is a great example of this design choice.
    People want their new home to work for them. A fitness buff may require a home gym. A homeschooling mom may want to create a learning space for her children.
    Featured walls with millwork are replacing drab drywall.
    Technology is in high demand in a new home. Buyers want to design a home that can have compatibility with virtual assistants, have automation, or just be cool.

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Size matters: determining square footage

One of the most important considerations that goes into planning any new home is exactly how big it should be. Some homeowners prefer a lot of room to spread out, while others like a smaller space that feels comfy and cozy. The architectural style of a home can also influence how large the square footage will end up being.

For example, if you like a modern, open plan type of home, you’ll need to leave more square footage in the common spaces. This will allow you to use the spaces for multiple functions, like a living room that flows directly into the dining area. People who prefer to have distinct rooms in the home may end up needing the same amount of space as those who prefer an open plan, but plan to use it differently.

A major question for most families is how large to make each bedroom in the home. In the end, this is a highly personal decision that every family must make for themselves. As a good rule of thumb, each bedroom in the home should measure at least 10 feet by 10 feet to accommodate bedroom furniture. This makes the bedroom around 100 square feet. If you are going to have children share a room, put a desk in the bedroom for doing homework, or just want the rooms to be large enough to move around in, you might prefer a 12 foot by 12 foot bedroom. This is closer to 150 square foot range for each bedroom.

Remember as you decide on how large your new home needs to be, that you do not have to make this decision alone. Consulting with a custom home builder is a great way to go because they can advise you on areas where you may need to add more space, or places in your blueprint where you can cut back. At Journeys End Homes, we have many years of experience helping homeowners create a blueprint that works for them.