With 1 year left to study at BYU, Wade and Brittany Peterson moved into a 1898 Pioneer home in Springiville, Utah, – and it needed work! They took it down to the original adobe brick walls and started to refinish the space including the modest spiral staircase going up to the loft. Their greatest memories include the few nights sleeping with snow hats to stay warm until they could afford to have a new furnace installed. Once finished, the home was listed for sale. The few thousand dollars made was more money than they thought existed in the western United States and Wade vowed to immediately leave school and flip homes for a career. Thanks to wise council from a wise wife, he stuck it out and finished his degree at BYU before entering the world of construction full time.

The next year brought house flips, basement finishes, and eventually evolved to new construction residential homes. Over the last decade Wade has enjoyed working with successful home builders in Utah county and has now completed over 100 homes on budget and on time in both Utah and California. Journey’s End Homes is a compilation of all the good and experience taken in the last 10 years and expounding on it to give clients the ultimate and best home building experience in the state of Utah.

Quoted from the owner Wade Peterson: “There are a lot of good things about production building, and a lot of good things about custom building. At Journey’s End Homes I wanted to take the efficiency of production building and marry it with what I love about custom homes – namely the chance to sit down with clients and make their dream home come to life. That is why I never take on more than 3 clients at a time. I want them to know their builder, and I want them to know I will be on their jobsite every day of the week. If they want to move a closet, great! Add a window so they can take advantage of mountain views, perfect! I’m not going to charge them for that…it’s their custom home! It should be what they want and built on their agenda, not ours. The myth that bothers me more than any other is that custom = expensive…what a bunch of malarkey. Custom simply means built so that it makes sense for the way your family is going to live in it.”

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