3 Questions To Ask When Considering a Custom Home Builder

Building your own home is one of the most exciting things you can do – but also one of the scariest. You get the exact home you’ve always wanted, but you need to make sure that the person you’ve hired to oversee the building is trustworthy, competent, and will deliver exactly what you’ve asked for. However, it can be difficult to know what questions to ask of your Utah custom home builder . Read on for some of the top questions you need to ask before you commit to a builder, and for questions to ask during the process.

I have a budget of XXX. Can you build me the home I want?

While you may have a budget that’s big enough to build a home, it’s important to ensure that your budget is big enough to build the right home. You may find out that you’re right on track; you may discover that you need to increase your budget or cut some of your plans; or you may find out that you’ve over-budgeted! Your builder will have the inside knowledge on this, so make sure you’re honest with them about your total budget.

How do you handle changes?

During the process of building a custom house, it’s almost certain that you’re going to change your mind about some things. They might be small, they might be big… but it’s important to know going into the process how your builder handles changes and what the extra costs may be.

Do you have references I can talk to?

Any good builder will know that reputation is everything, and will be happy to provide you with references to previously satisfied clients. By talking to references, you’ll get the inside scoop on your builder – and hopefully be assure that you’re making the right decision.

Building your own home is a scary yet exciting project, so it’s important to make sure you’re working with the right people. If you’re looking for a Utah custom home builder, consider Journeys End Homes. With a proven track record of success and many happy clients, Journeys End always makes their clients’ wishes a priority. When you want to plan home build, you need someone on your side who will work with you to give you what you want.