How to Make Your New Home Energy Efficient


Thanks to its variable climate, homeowners in Utah are looking for ways to make their homes more energy efficient in an attempt to save money on their heating and air conditioning bills.


On the inexpensive end of things, a great way to make your new home more energy efficient is to lower your thermostat in the winter. Keeping your home at a lower temperature in Utah’s winter months means that your home will use less energy.


Alternatively, if you want to spend more money to make your home more eco-friendly and energy efficient, there are several big-ticket home improvement projects you might want to consider completing in your home.


For example, adding insulation to your new home’s attic will help lower your home’s heating and cooling bills. Insulation will also seal your attic up and eliminate potential leaks. This means you aren’t wasting your money heating a drafty home. The better sealed your home is, the more energy efficient it will be.


Installing solar panels to your home is another excellent way to make your living space more energy efficient. If you’re unfamiliar with solar panels, solar panels are panels that are placed on the roof of your home that convert sunlight into energy. This means that your home is capable of generating its own energy independently of your utility company. Solar energy is an all-natural form of energy. Therefore, means you are not burning fossil fuels to heat your living space.


Outfitting your home’s doorways with storm doors is another possible way to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Storm doors are long-lasting and durable, and keep the heat in your home during the winters. The fact that storm doors contain the heat within your house means you don’t need as much power to make your family room warm.

Finding the Right Custom Homebuilder

If you’re in the market for Utah custom homes, look no further than Journeys End Homes. Journeys End Homes is one of the most respected Utah custom home builders in the state. They will definitely help make your new living space more energy efficient.

Journeys End’s team brings decades of home building experience to the table, and is willing to work with you on both big and small projects to improve your new home’s energy efficiency.