Design a Plan

At Journeys End Homes you won’t be pigeonholed into building a plan you like. we build homes families LOVE. Inspiration can start from a sketch on a napkin or you may already have the perfect plan. Building a home should be on your agenda, and that includes the design process. Want an island in your master closet? Great. Want a hidden cabinet pantry? Fantastic. We’re not going to charge you for the little touches that make the home yours. Contact us now to discuss your plans and ideas.

Need a place to start and get inspiration? Below are architects we work with on a regular basis, but we build homes drawn from any designer or any set you may have already purchased.

JL Home Design (

Hearthstone Home Design (

Run your ideas by us, and rely on our expertise to know if bumping out your kitchen 6″ one direction is double the cost of doing it the other direction, or if bumping it out 6″ would cost the same as bumping it out 24″. Click Here and set up a time to chat today.

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