The journey to a beautiful home starts with thorough preparation in place, and the outside is no exception. The front yard provides the first impression of a home and adds an aesthetic appeal. The back yard can be used for all sorts of purposes. If building a home is on your to-do list, a landscape plan should be on your mind as well. When designing the yard, it is important to get a Utah home design expert who will walk the site with you; noting down important things like the soil type, availability of irrigation water, buried utilities like water pipes, and electrical cables.

Planning for a yard design earlier will give you a pleasant outcome when your home is complete.

What You Need to Consider Before Deciding on a Yard

Yard Functions: What do you want in a yard? Decide if you will use your outside space for family entertainment or formal functions. For family, a few colorful and bright features will blend well. Do you want some space for the kids to play or a spot for a garden? For formal purposes, consider clean-cut shrubs and beautifully manicured lawns. You may want a large patio or fire pit for social gatherings.

Make a rough outline: Sketch out beforehand what you want and where you would like it to go. Note where the house is, the garage, driveway, etc. It does not need to be perfect or to scale, but it can help you get an idea of the layout of your yard and think about the functionality. Do you want more open grass or more flowerbeds? Is there enough shade in your yard or not enough sun? Consider where your walkways or stepping stones will be to avoid walking on grass unnecessarily.

Useful Plants: How would you like the plants to function in outside? Do you want a shade tree or fruit trees? How about some flowering plants that smell good? Plants can also help keep your yard cool in the summer and create barriers that keep out noise.

A Utah custom home builder can help you make the most of your yard. Journey’s End Homes are professionals dedicated to providing you with the best advice in building your dream home while factoring in all your needs.