When building a new home, you have the opportunity to choose everything from the layout to the color of the carpet. Since these decisions may be difficult to change once they have been made, it is important to make these choices well in advance. During the designing stage, there are many options that will not only add to your new home, but also make it seem bigger.

Use the light
Utah home designers will agree that dark rooms and hallways can seem smaller. You can increase the depth and the size perception of the space by adding natural light through the strategic use of windows or use artificial lighting to brighten up the dark corners. Light colored walls and flooring will also make the rooms seem bigger

Take advantage of unused spaces
There are many places in a home that frequently may not have a purpose and can be easily overlooked. These places can include corners, hallways, and under the stairs. Making use of corners will help make the rooms feel bigger. Many people put closets, shelving or drawers under the stairs, and a hallway can be turned into a foyer or an anteroom, making it more open and less crowded. Large windows can sometimes take up an entire wall of space, making it difficult for placing furniture later. Why not consider a window seat, shelf, or other built in furniture to go under the windows?

Consider built in Furniture
Built in furniture is a great option as it saves space and can blend very well into the decor of the home. Adding some built in shelves, cupboards, and other storage spaces around the house will give you plenty of places to organize your things.
Larger built in furniture pieces like beds and benches, can also make the rooms bigger by reducing the amount of furniture in the space. You can turn a corner into a reading nook with a bunch of built in shelves and a comfy chair, or a wall can become a home office with a built in desk. Instead of needing a large bulky entertainment system in the center of your family room, you can build one into the wall and save space.

Dedicate your spaces
One of the best things to keep in mind when designing your new home, is to decide ahead of time what each part of the house will be used for. What is the function of each room? How much storage space will you need in that room? What kinds of furniture will be useful and needed? Once you know what you want that space to be used for, then you can plan accordingly.

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