Inside entrance to a home, a bench and two coat closetsThe entryway to your home is the first impression for your guests, but it can also be one of the busiest areas of the house, as people are constantly coming and going. Utah home designs can often neglect this small area in the overall design scheme of a home. People get excited in designing the kitchen or the bedrooms, but may not realize that the entrance needs just as much thought.

Too often, an entryway or foyer tends to become a catchall for personal belongings like keys, shoes, book-bags and outerwear. It can easily get cluttered and crowded. A well organized entryway, or foyer will not only create a better first impression, but make it more functional as it is easier to find and store the things you need.

Plan Ahead
Plan ahead by deciding first what you will keep by the door. Will you need hanging hooks or a coatrack to hang your coats, or will you want a coat closet? Where do you plan to store your hats, shoes and umbrellas? Closets, cubbies, and storage bins can be useful. You may want to think about a bowl, container, or rack to hold keys and other pocket items. It is also helpful to keep in mind that during times of snowy or rainy weather, you might want a spot to store wet shoes and boots while they dry.

Add Reflective Light with Mirrors
A large mirror captures light from nearby windows and reflects it to brighten up a small space creating the illusion of spaciousness. This is functional too, as you can to check your image before leaving the home.

Include a Seat/Bench & Define Entryway Space
Adding a bench or welcome seat not only helps to define the entry and elevate the décor but also offers a practical way to comfortably put on and take off shoes. You may even consider a bench that doubles as storage space.

A Utah home construction expert can help you plan ahead, to create a functional, yet beautiful entrance to your new home. Call us today to find out more.