Building a home is a major undertaking. Because it’s such a long-term commitment and a big investment, it seems to be a topic that is surrounded by lots of rumors and misinformation. If you are considering building a new home, take a little time to review these facts and myths.

MYTH: A builder is a builder. Go with the low bid.
The truth is that there is a difference in quality with builders. A good Utah home construction contractor will produce a better product that will be a better value in the long run.

MYTH: Design and construction are easy for DIY.
Popular home renovation shows on TV make design and construction look fast and easy, but there is a lot that gets left out of the broadcast. For safety and quality, home construction work is best left to Utah home design and construction professionals.

MYTH: It’s cheaper to buy than to build.
Strictly in terms of square footage, that might be true. However, it does not account for existing problems with the home, neighborhood issues, or other factors that have driven down the price. Building a home does not leave those factors to chance.

FACT: A well-built home is a good investment.
A quality home that is properly maintained gains value that can be captured at sale later, so a good Utah custom home builder not only builds your home but also your financial future.

FACT: Your builder is your partner.
Signing a contract is not the end of your relationship with your builder. You should maintain good communication through the entire process to get the house you want.

FACT: Materials matter.
The market is flooded with discount materials, particularly windows and finish items. A good Utah custom home builder will have the experience and knowledge to advise you on choosing quality items that will make your home last.

Building a home is major investment. Be sure you choose Journeys End, a Utah home construction contractor who will work in facts, not myths.