1. Counter-to-ceiling backsplashes 
    A trendy use for these this year to extend them across wide stretches of surface area give your kitchen a dramatic and unified look.
  2. Rich and Dark Colors
    Some design experts predict a swing from bright and airy styles and a shift to darker, nature-inspired hues throughout the home.
  3. Black and White 
    While this has never really been out of style, one particular trend for this year is tuxedo-ing your kitchen space to create a clean, classy, and dramatic look.
  4. Industrial Room Dividers Room dividers made of materials like steel or glass provide separation without interrupting the visual flow of a room.
  5. Outdoor/Indoor Kitchen Spaces
    Think huge, farmhouse-style sliding glass doors that open up adjacent your kitchen and lead out into a cozy outdoor cooking and dining space.
  6. Artisanal Light Fixtures
    Be on the lookout for designer light fixtures that add a unique and modern flair to your space.
  7. Plenty of Greenery
    Our ever-more outdoorsy culture is stepping up it its foliage game with more and more indoor plants.
  8. Geometric Patterns
    These can pop up anywhere, from small decor items to whole accent walls. Add a geometric pattern to a space is a fun and inexpensive way to liven it up.
  9. Concrete Accents
    Concrete is becoming less of a cold, industrial material — it can actually feel quite homely in the right setting.
  10. Bucket Sinks
    Add a touch of homely flair to your bath space with trendy bucket sinks.

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